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In addition to its temporary exhibitions, Palmer & Co casts a spotlight on international artists twice a year, hosting them in its Reims premises.

Aurélie Quentin

Born in 1984, on the island of Reunion, Aurélie Quentin has been immersed in art since she was a child: her father is a painter and also a collector, which means that throughout her childhood she was surrounded by paintings and works of art. Thus, she feels very early the need to satisfy this artistic passion which will become the centre of her life. Aurélie celebrates the Art of Idleness: “My characters take on an art of doing nothing, manifesting an idleness that has become taboo in our time, but has been praised by philosophers since Antiquity. I hope that my paintings will be considered as allegories of a “lézardage” assumed by a youth that claims the simple pleasure of the present moment, and of a suspended time”. While contemplating the works, it is up to us to discover the hidden face of Aurélie Quentin’s message by claiming “a right to laziness, a right to lightness and to lost time”. Is this not the path to timelessness?
Patrick de la Perrière – Univers des Arts

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