The Rendez-vous Palmer & Co

The Art of Creating Emotions

As is its wont, without drumrolls or trumpet blasts, discreetly and rigorously, Palmer & Co has managed to gain the confidence of artists who share our values of excellence, sincerity and emotion.

The gestures for creating a great wine are also those that participate in creating a work of art. In that meeting of talent and minds, there is the same striving to transform and sublimate the materials surrounding us…

In 1999, the Slovenian sculptor Zorko lent his distinctive creative stamp to the House of Palmer & Co. It marked the beginning of an artistic initiative that encouraged artists such as Fabio Calvetti, O Syng Yoon, Sugiyama Yu, Alain Bonnefoit, Françoise Abraham, Michel Jouenne, Pierre Lagénie, Nadine Le Prince, Jun Myung Ja, Nico Paladini, Manuel Donato Diez and many more to express their different talents, nuances and styles, each as vibrant as they are exceptional, at Palmer & Co. 

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