Erwecken Emotionen

Neben seinen Sonderausstellungen widmet sich Palmer & Co in seinen Räumlichkeiten in Reims zweimal jährlich internationalen Künstlern.

Olga Niescier

Born in northeast Poland, Bialystok, in 1978,  Olga pursues intense artistic activity since 2001, integrating art and design. Olga’s paintings are executed on a strong canvas made of natural vegetable fiber jute. Its bold weaving supplies the base for an antique preparation: a mixture of alabaster powder, rise amylum and linseed oil. The resulting surface has a rich feeling, a natural colour, and a remarkable resistance. The dense textures characteristic of Niescier’s artworks are achieved by skilful and patient application of layers of acrylic paint. They are sculpted and engraved as well as splattered and dripped. The acrylic colour is further enriched with inks, pastels, powder pigments and oil colours, and at times also dried herbs. The interlacing of the built up layers conspire to produce the final vibrating colour and tridimensionality of the paintings. Find out more: www.olganiescier.it

Die Künstler

Künstlerische Zusammenarbeit


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